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Massage & Spas

There are plenty of massage parlours in Phnom Penh, but quite a few double up as brothels. However, there are also now a lot of legitimate massage centres and a number of superb spas for that pampering palace experience.

Most of the more upmarket hotels offer traditional massage services, but one of the best value options in town is the long-running y Seeing Hands Massage (Map p79; g 012 680 934; 12 St 13; per hr US$5.50). The blind masseurs here have been in the business for many years and can sort out those niggling aches and pains, offering shiatsu or foot massages. There are several other similar cooperatives around town.

In a similar vein, Kanya Massage (Map pp74-5; @ 09 683477; 38 St 289; per hr US$5) is run by victims of add attacks and helps to run a support network for survivors of these horrific crimes.

When it comes to spas, there is now an enticing selection of places. Some of the leading addresses for massage, facials, manicures and the full spa menu:

Amret Spa (Map p79; g 997994; 3 St 57) Smart new spa near the popular 'Golden Mile'.

Bliss Spa (Map p79; g 215754; 29 St 240) One of the most established spas in town, set in a lovely old French house on popular 240.

Champei Spa (Map pp74-5; g 222846; 38 St 57)

Khmer, Swedish and other massages, plus beauty care and hairdresser.

In Style (Map p79; g 986747; 63 St 242) Garden spa and wellness céntre with massage, facials and spa treatments.

Spa (Map pp74-5; g 992405; 4B St 75) An oasis of aim with rejuvenating hot-stone massage, plus Balinese and Thai treatments.

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Update : 28-11-2017

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